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Added pictures of 1993 18J May 9, 2012
Added pictures of 1973 18J June 25, 2012
Added pictures of 1996 18J June 25, 2012

Note: In case you wonder why there are so many
1978 boats, that was the year when 28 were produced - the
most of any year. This was right after the drought years of
1976 and 1977.

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Here are a few pictures of my 1976 Keaton Model 18-J Olds 455 Berkeley Pack-a-jet
It is original green metal flake with lime upholstery.
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Interior3.JPG (79644 bytes) Interior4.JPG (117259 bytes) Engine1.JPG (140849 bytes) Engine2.JPG (137310 bytes)
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1973 Keaton 18-J with Olds 455. Note the standard transom. All the 1972
and the first few 1973's were built with a standard transom and JC pump.
After this the transom was modified to have the recessed transom and JE pump


1973 Keaton 18-J fully restored - new paint, upholstery, rebuilt 455

1973_fully_restored.jpg (106725 bytes)


1973 Keaton 18-J with Olds 455.  Possibly one of 4 made


1973 Keaton 18-J with Olds 455 (This is possibly the same boat as


1973 Keaton 18-J originally red metal flake, painted blue/white
interior done to match paint
455 Olds with 750 Holly double pumper, E Jet and
Jetavator place diverter

1976_1.JPG (22280 bytes) 1976_5.JPG (25248 bytes) 1976_3.JPG (26444 bytes)
1976_6.JPG (27850 bytes)



1974 Keaton 18-J Root Beer Brown metal flake with Olds 455


1974 Keaton 18-J Orange metal flake with Olds 455
Original owners. Boat is listed for sale in the Classifieds page


1975 Keaton 18-J original gold metal flake with Olds 455

  1975 Keaton 18-J with Olds 455

1975 Keaton 18J with Olds 455

1977 Keaton 18-J with 460 Ford
Blue metal flake with blue interior

NOTE: In late1977 is when new molds were made which changed the dash and engine hatch design.
Dash became curved and hatch scoop was raised to accommodate the Ford 460
Also, the bottom was pushed down to create a rocker. The
rocker seemed to lift the boat faster and higher in the water.


1978 Keaton 18-J with 460 Ford and Jet-a-vator place diverter

 1978 Keaton 18-J 460 Ford with aftermarket place diverter

kr78keaton02.jpg (169688 bytes)

kr78keaton03.jpg (158583 bytes)

kr78keaton04.jpg (160067 bytes)

 1978 Keaton 18-J 460 Ford
NOTE: This boat is for sale in the Keaton Discussion Forum Classifieds


 1978 Keaton 18-J 460 Ford

1979 Keaton 18-J 460 Ford

 1979 Keaton 18-J 460 Ford
Boat is For Sale in the Keaton Discussion Forum


 1979 Yellow Keaton 18-J with 460 Ford

79_460_yel_1.jpg (187332 bytes) 79_460_yel_2.jpg (173129 bytes) 79_460_yel_4.jpg (112143 bytes)
79_460_yel_3.jpg (102556 bytes) 79_460_yel_7.jpg (104132 bytes) 79_460_yel_9.jpg (171104 bytes)


 1979 Keaton 18-J with  514ci Ford
Complete Restoration

79_514Fd_01.jpg (126651 bytes) 79_514Fd_02.jpg (79005 bytes) 79_514Fd_04.jpg (79138 bytes) 79_514Fd_03.jpg (128670 bytes)


1979 Keaton 18-J with 454

1980 Keaton 18-J with 460 Ford



1980 Keaton 18-J with Ford 460 w/750cfm Edlebrock carburator
Engine was just rebuilt


1981 Keaton 18-J with Ford 460



 1981 Keaton 18-J with Ford 460
Note: This boat used to be yellow, but has been nicely restored with
new carpet, paint, tinted windshield, gauges, 1100w stereo, custom aluminum ski pylon
and twin 11 gallon aluminum fuel tanks. There are two isolated batteries recessed
into old fuel tank under bow


1981 Keaton 18-J with 460 Ford


1981 Keaton 18-J with 460 Ford



1982 Keaton 18-J with 460 Ford
(note the nice swim platform and swivel seat)

1982 Keaton 18-J with 460 Ford


1983 Keaton 18-J with Ford 460
boat has new upholstery

1984 Keaton 18-J with Ford 460

1985 Keaton 18-J with Ford 460, 850 double pumper, nitrous
Note: The hull id of this boat has it shown as an 85 model year,
but was sold and registered in 1986

1986 Keaton 18-J with 460 Ford


1987 Keaton 18-J



1987 Keaton 18-J 454 Chevrolet
Note: Boat is for sale in Keaton Discussion Board Classifieds



1988 Keaton 18-J with 460 Ford



1988 Keaton 18-J with Chevrolet 454 and nitrous setup, extra fuel tanks
in stern, re-enforced bottom, Berkeley F pump
Yes, this boat and trailer are pink. This is the original color.
It's faded a lot, but looking under the engine cover it's definitely pink!
This boat is also for sale. See the posting in the Classified section of the forum



1989 Keaton 18-J with 460 Ford



1990 Keaton 18-J with 460 Ford

IMG_1590.JPG (199420 bytes) Paul1990keaton1.jpg (749957 bytes) Paul1990keaton2.jpg (778994 bytes)


1990 Keaton 18-J with 454 Chevrolet

rb_1990_454_1.jpg (104691 bytes)

rb_1990_454_2.jpg (143811 bytes)


1992 Keaton 18-J 460 Ford
It has new paint, bimini and fuel tank


1992 Keaton 18-J 460 Ford
Check out the aft-facing front seat


1993 Keaton 18-J 460 Ford

1993 Keaton 18J Panther 454


1995 Keaton 18-J Panther 454
Believe this is last 18-J made by the the new Keaton Boat
owners using the original molds.


1995 Keaton 18-J Panther 454

1996 Keaton 18-J Indmar 454 310 HP
Boat is being offered For Sale. See information in Classified section
of the Keaton Discussion Forum



1996 Keaton 18J-J 454 Chevy with open bow
This boat was built after Jack sold the business. There were
approximately 9 of these made in 1996.  These boats came with an
electrically operated engine cover and removal teak swim platform. They
also had a new dash, deck and step through windshield.


1996 18-J Open Bow with Panther Chevy 454


1996 Keaton 18-J 454 Chevy


 1997 Keaton 18-J  454 Chevy
This was the 2nd to last 18-J made

90_454_01.jpg (41605 bytes) 90_454_02.jpg (44708 bytes) 90_454_03.jpg (36404 bytes) 90_454_04.jpg (43695 bytes)

1998 Keaton 18-J 454 Panther Marine Engine
Hull ID has a build date of Oct. 1997 and model year 1998

2000 Keaton 18-J 5.7L Chevrolet 350
Last Keaton made
Boat has a 2000 hull id but was bought new by owner in May 2001
Boat was built by Gary at Classic-Craft

Here is one with a wakeboard tower
care of

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