Keaton Boats

2009 Autorama at CalExpo
Feb. 6-8
Sacramento, CA

Below are a few pictures taken at the 2009 Autorama. Thanks to Matt Thurston for setting this up.
Below are pictures of Matt Thurston's Utility, Marc Riggs' Tri-hull, Bob Dowling's v-drive and Mark's 18J
There was a lot of interest in our Keaton boats especially considering all the great cars that were there.
Matt won 1st Place Restored Boat

The second to last picture shows us wrapping up our boats for the ride home since the
rain started right as we were getting ready to leave. The last picture is the one other boat
that was there (besides an Amphicar). It's a custom made boat by Classic Craft
Marine of Sacramento. This 23' boat has a fiberglass hull and mahogany deck.