Keaton Gathering
July 20, 2008
at the Stockton Water Ski Club

Below are a few pictures from the Keaton Gathering and BBQ we had at the Stockton Water Ski Club Island in
Stockton.  The island is located on the San Joaquin River.  We had about 24 boats come to this gathering representing
all models of Keaton Boats made and as you can see we did a good job of filling up both docks.  Jack Keaton came with his boat, a tri-hull open bow jet. Jack brought with him Al Hopkinson who worked with Jack and Tom Martin who did a lot of the upholstery for Jack as well as own and race Keaton v-drive boats in the 1960's. It was great to hear them recount their stories during that period of boat building and racing. 

Thanks again to Dennis Peyton and the Stockton Water Ski Club for allowing us to have our gathering at their island. It was a great location on the delta for folks to bring their boats.  
Thanks to Russ Hollett and his wife Shelley of Cattlemens for providing the great BBQ steak sandwiches.

These pictures were taken by my wife Kelly

Keaton's at the SWSC

Russ & Shelley Hollett's 1985 Tournament

Jack's 1976 tri-hull open bow

Marc and Connie Riggs' 1978
tri-hull open bow

Matt and Jill Thurston's 1963 utility

Mark's 18J and Matt's utility

Randy Sparks 18J

Michael Cannings's 1978 18J

Mike Peyton's 1973 18J

Murray's boat in foreground and Steve Courtwright's boat in background

Larry Slade's 1974 18J

Matt & Jill Thurston with Matt's dad

Bob Dowling, Tom Martin, Al Hopkingson and Mark Maral

Randy Martinez's 1994 18J

Ken Nassi's 1970 utility

Larry Slade's 1974 18J

Wes Lybrand's  1983 Tournament

Dan Irwin and Sharon Irwin's 1975 18J

Promotional item about Tom Martin's v-drive Keaton Race Boat

Russ getting the BBQ going.

Mike Peytons' 18J and Bob Dowling's v-drive

Folks lined up for the great BBQ!

Jody Lindvall's 1989 18J

Jack, Tom Martin and Al Hopkinson

Jack, Al Hopkinson and Tom Martin

Randy Norri's
1979 18J

18J having some fun

The next set of pictures were taken by Dan Irwin

Keatons lined up

And on the other dock

Marc Riggs' Keaton openbow

Wes Lybrand's Tournament Barefoot Keaton

Russ Hollett's Tournament Barefoot Keaton

Jack's Keaton tri-hull openbow

Dan Irwin's 18J

Matt Thurston's Utility

Mark & Kelly's 1976 18J

Michael Canning's 1978 18J

Russ' Tournament behind Jack's boat

Wes' Tournament

Dock full of Keatons

Randy Martinez's 18J

Randy Norri's 1979 18J

Steve Courtwright's 18J

Mike Peytons' 18J and Bob Dowling's v-drive

Ken Nassi's 1970 Utility

Larry Slade's 1974 18J

The following pictures were taken by Wes Lybrand

Marc & Connie Riggs

Dock full of Keaton's

3 Utilities lined up

Ken Nassi's Utility

John Pollard's Utility

Larry Slades' 18J

Dock full of 18J's

Bob Dowling's V-drive

Jack Keaton and Al Hopkinson

Russ Hollett at the BBQ

Jack's Keaton Tri-hull

Marc Riggs' Keaton Tri-hull

1959 Besotes owned by a member of the SWSC

Matt Thurston's Interceptor engine

The following pictures were taken by Bob Dowling

Enjoying the BBQ

Bob's wife Jane and her sister Kay

Mark looking at Tom Martin's photo album

Folks enjoying the SWSC island

Bob's grandson Tim standing next to an oak tree they planted on the island 5 years ago

Jack getting ready to cast off