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1965 Keaton V-Drive w/big block Chevy 427 truck block
and Borg Warner transmission
(Note: This hull was made in 1962 and was
one of the first out of the mold. Was rigged
up and finished in 1965)
1990 Hot Boat Magazine Article

Youtube video from 2011 V-Drive Event at Bass Lake

Here are some more pictures of the above boat showing
changes over the years.




2002 4th of July

Here are pictures taken during the restoration


1962 Keaton V-Drive told it had a Ford FE motor
Apparently, this boat was once yellow and white and had
"Keaton Race Boat" on the side followed by a number. The boat
sunk and was salvaged about 10 or so years ago.  It was located
in a field near Don Pedro


1965 Keaton V-Drive Race Boat
Owned and Raced by Joe Balcao
This boat was built primarily to race. Notice the difference in
the freeboard compared to the boat above.
Note: Boat is listed for sale in the Classified section


1965 Keaton V-Drive KHV6506
Mopar engine



Here is a 1963 or 1964 Keaton V-Drive
428 Ford with 3 dueces
Thanks to Jim Fairchild for sharing pictures of the family boat.
They owned it from 1966 to 1999. They then sold it an Arizona

1964 Keaton V-Drive